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Big Yellow Tractor

Big Yellow Tractor

My oldest Son, who will be 2 in August, has taken to the construction going on beside our neighborhood a little more fondly than the rest of the family. While we see early morning jack hammers and beeping as annoyances, I’m pretty sure Zeke wakes up smiling. I know he wakes up singing, and this is his song: “BIG…YELLOW…TRACTOR” Over and Over again. The kid is in love with construction equipment, especially bulldozers. I’m kinda having a “proud pappa” reaction to the whole thing b/c that is a classic boy affection right? hope so.

So today we took a family stroll over to where the construction was happening and the pic to the left is what we saw for 30 minutes. Notice how “claw tractor” is teaming up with “dump truck tractor” to get the job done. here it comes…brief pastoral illustration…get ready:

The church functions alot like this. Everyone has different gifts and the important thing to do is make sure you are actively using your gifts to “build up” your local church. But you gotta a) learn how God has gifted you and b) find a spot to use your giftings. Imagine if dump truck tractor tried to scoop dirt! HUGE waste of time & energy right?  Same thing applies in the church. Serve in a place that is going to energize you and give you a place to exercise the gifts God has given you. And if that role should somehow involve you operating a big yellow tractor, please let me know as I will pay good $ to let my boy sit on one.

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  1. May 23, 2010 at 11:54 am

    So glad that being a daddy is creating more pastor-teachable moments. Love you

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