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Sticky Church lessons

Some of the Summit’s Pastoral team had the great opportunity to visit with Larry Osborne and the pastoral team of North Coast Church. You may know of Larry from his awesome book Sticky Church. It was a great weekend and I personally came away with a great deal on my mind. I cant share too much here because frankly, I’d screw it up so you need to just hear it from those guys. But I will give a crack at a couple of take-aways I think I’m dealing the most with as the small groups pastor of the Summit Church.

1. The power of clarity – Can I describe in one phrase what the purpose of a small group is in a way that is easily understood? What is the purpose of your small group? If you can articulate it clearly, that usually comes from thinking it out to the point of clarity. Clarity ensures everyone is on the same page and that is where people work best. If your leaders know exactly what you want from them, they will feel empowered to go get it done. How clear are you?

2. Be accessible – I have unintentionally created the image among group leaders and coaches that I am a busy guy. Yet nothing is more important to me than serving those very people. If they are my first concern, I need to be accessible to them. Forgive me Summit group leaders where I have done this to you.

3. Follow-up: Setting goals and casting vision is something I am working hard on and is something others have said is a strong suite for me. but Follow-up is where I am weak. the problem is, if I do not follow-up on how group leaders are carrying out the vision, I communicate lack of care to them. That is bad and if you have the tendency that I do to set things in motion and back off, repent and get your hands back on the wheel! Again Summit Group Leader I ask your forgiveness but ensure you some great changes are coming.

Three is enough for now. Be Clear, Be accessible, and follow up. Go get em small group leader!

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