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Small Group Phalanx

My small group discussed Ephesians 6:10-24 tonight. The passage talks about how we are to prepare for and engage the spiritual battle we are in. We are to put on the different pieces of armor right? Well, a closer look and a study of Isaiah 59:15-21 shows us that this armor is Jesus & nothing less. How freeing! Jesus is your defensive armor and offensive weapon in your battle against Satan and his effects.

Now here is where it gets even better. The letter to the ephesians was written to a local body of believers, not to an individual. So, when we think about putting on our armor, we have to remember that our brothers and sisters are putting on their armor right beside us. And we most certainly do not go into battle alone. We go together. And remember we are one body right?

So maybe a great image for how we engage this battle can be found in the ancient battle formation called the phalanx. The phalanx consisted of a perfectly square unit (10 soldiers wide by 10 deep for example) that would always advance together. The soldiers on the front interlocked their shields and the soldiers in the middle held their shields over the top of the formation. Together they were much more difficult to attack than individual soldiers. They would advance, each fully armored, as one mobilized body to attack the enemy.

My small group is my phalanx. Are you in a phalanx? If not, watch out as you were not meant to be in this battle alone. Get the heck back into formation!

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