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Group Leader Yard Work

Now that it is spring, I am working in my yard like crazy. The past few nights for about 45 minutes each night I have been trying to get an area of my yard ready to plant a vegetable garden. (This comes from a longtime dream to live off of the fat of the land. last year I grew 4 cucumbers. it was awesome.) Anyways, when you go to plant a garden you gotta do some work to the ground first. I spent the last two nights on the ground pulling weeds up by their roots. Those weeds grow sooo fast and if you dont get them at their roots, they are just going to spring right back up again. I’m having to pay close attention to the area I am working on to make sure I’m getting every weed, not just grazing over the area with a weed eater.  The result will be a soil much more friendly to growing vegetables than soil with weeds still underneath the surface.

I wonder how many people are coming and sitting in our small groups as an attempt to run a weed eater over their lives. So they come honestly seeking to live a better life. They read the bible and pray and participate regularly in group activities. But all the while their life is really not getting “better.” It’s just a little prettier on the surface. Until they unearth the roots of their sin problems in their lives, they are not going to experience the life transformation they seek.

Group Leader, this starts with you. Are you providing opportunities for the people in your group to acknowledge and confess the idols in their life that are at the root of their “weeds?” I promise you God will honor such an effort. I’m not sure how, but I know I personally have seen marriages on the brink of destruction restored after a man had the chance to confess to another man the sin going on in his life. That’s just one scenario. There are countless. Is your small group a community that digs down to the roots or are you just skimming the surface? Go for it group leader. God is with you!

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    Great post, Spence!

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