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Real Friends follow Jesus

Acts 2:42-47 is probably my favorite passage in scripture to teach on community from. Just a good rich yet simple picture of early church life. Right now I’m working through it from a different angle for a breakout session at Nexus this coming weekend. I’ve had a blast looking back through it and am noticing a couple of things about how we interact as believers.

Each person in the early church was first a follower of Jesus. This greatly informed their interaction with one another. You know verse 42?  And they devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.

Why do you think they devoted themselves to these things? Was it because they took votes about fun activities to do as a group and these four won? Or maybe it was spelled out in their unleavened O’s?

The early church devoted themselves to these things because that’s what they learned to do as followers of Jesus. Jesus taught them from the Word of God so as the Word of God continued to be taught, they continued to devote themselves to it. Jesus shared life with them so it was only natural that they share life with each other. Jesus ate with them and Jesus instituted communion with them and told them to do it regularly so they shared meals together and took communion regularly together. Jesus taught them how to pray and to pray regularly so…they did!

This is painfully obvious now that I see it. If you want to live in healthy biblical community, follow Jesus with other Jesus followers. And be ready for awe and joy to come upon those around your church as God adds daily to your number those who are being saved!

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