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Face Time

This coming Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year. For about 3.5 hours, I get to gather with every small group leader here at the Summit Church. We are holding an event we call FRONTLINE where we get all leaders from all campuses together. We worship together, we pray together, and I have the great priviledge to encourage and equip these leaders for the coming semester. If you are a small group leader at the summit, register now! Only those who register will be up for the free stuff and you know we like to give away some good stuff.

It is easy for me to fall into a habit of communicating with leaders through email. Getting ready for Frontline has reminded me how valuable face-to-face time is for me with our group leaders and group coaches. Not that I have a pretty face by any means, but its important for us to remember the church is people. Times like these are often great connection times for me with leaders from various campuses, and a chance to meet the new leaders who have become group leaders since our last Frontline. And our leaders need this as much as I do. They need to see and get familiar with the pastors who are providing vision and direction for the ministry they serve in. They also need to see and interact with others who they are serving alongside of.

See this isnt a “meeting,” cause I really dont like meetings. This is like family re-union meets worship meets small group conference. Its gonna be fun.  If you are in a leadership position in any ministry, I encourage you to think how you can put the face-time principle into action in 2010.

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