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What I’ve been doing & where the small groups guy is going

This fall I’ve had a few things taking my attention away from the small groups guy blog. But wow has it been a great fall. So let me show you a little of what has been taking my attention and after that talk about where this site is going:

Stuff that distracted me this fall:

First off, personal life. Here is The new guy (Benjamin Graham Shelton born 10.07.2009) & the bigger family:

On the church front, I’m very excited to announce the launching of a new site from the Summit Church called EQUIP. I’ve poured a significant amount of time into getting it up and running and believe it’s going to be a great resource spot for people here at the Summit and those around the church world.

Also on the church front, I’m pumped to tell you that the Summit will be publishing a small group study through the book of Ephesians which will debut in January 2010. It will remain in-house through the spring while our groups go through it and then should be ready for large-scale publication in mid-spring!

Last, I have had the great privilege of building some relationships with some other small group pastors & ministries across the country. Trevor Joy and the small groups team at The Village Church were awesome to spend time with. God is cultivating a doctrinally sound army of worshipers there that is nothing short of inspiring. Other shout outs of people who are encouraging me across America: Jay Ashlog at Rockbridge Church in GA, Heather Zempel at NCC in D.C., Joe Muller up at FCCF in M.O., Mark Duncan and Matt Hahn both doing small groups here in N.C., the BALLER church planting teams I get the privilege of hanging out with around the country, Scott Mosley and Samantha Krieger over at SmallGroupTrader.com,  Also, The team at leadership network has been a blessing to begin interacting with and I’m stoked about partnering with them in the future.

2010 Small Groups Guy:

1. More network oriented approach. I see a couple of things that need help in the small group world in American church right now and one of those is connecting the people in charge of groups at a church with others who have done it and/or are doing it. I want to help that cause. That’s why I partner with smallgrouptrader.com because I think they are doing that really well online. So, if you are a groups pastor or director or co-ordinator, I’d like to get to know you in 2010. And one way is…SMALL GROUPS CONFERENCE. We are looking at hosting a small groups conference in October of 2010. more details to come. Another way is by having other pastors and leaders around the country do some guest blogging here on the small groups guy.

2. More writing. I believe God has shown us some very awesome things about biblical community here and one of my goals is to communicate those clearly so that he might receive glory for his work here. That may mean fewer but more in depth blog posts. The Small Groups Guy is staying, dont worry. Just not at 3 posts per week like I was able to do most of this year. Then again, you never know.

3. EQUIP. I believe this new site is going to be very helpful both to those who are here at the Summit Church and to those in other ministry settings. be sure to check it out.

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  1. December 31, 2009 at 12:33 am

    Congratulations on the new Shelton! And thanks for the shout-out! 🙂

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