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Small Group Trader

Alright, I’ve got a truckload of material to send your way, but first I want to inform you about a change in one of the links over on the right side of the blog. For sometime now I have been fortunate to partner with and write for smallgroupexchange.com. Samantha and Scott and the rest of the team there have been very gracious giving me my first opportunity to communicate with the larger small groups audience here across America. Since their partnership I have been fortunate to pick-up opportunities to write for smallgroups.com (Christianity Today’s small group site) and Outreach Magazine. In my first year of “real” writing I have learned much and have Samantha and Scott largely to thank for it. Of course, really the only people I can thank for the writing I am doing are the small group leaders here at the Summit. Your commitment to building a healthy local church has been nothing short of inspiring and because of how God is using you, we are getting the chance to tell others of God’s great work here!

Recently the smallgroupexchange team made a pretty big move and retooled their website to better suite their growing audience. The new name is SmallGroupTrader.com and the new look is awesome. I think you will find it very helpful as a small group leader. Spend some time looking around on it today and if you are a small group leader, it may be one you should set in your favorites.

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  1. February 1, 2010 at 9:42 am

    Was just browsing by your blog to hear about updates on you guys and in the small group world, and came across this- what a surprise.

    It’s awesome to know about the opportunities God continues to send your way. Glad that we could help spur some things on 🙂 Congrats on the new little one as well!

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