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How do I get in a group? 3. Personal Invite

This post is the third in a series of posts I am doing on how we connect people to small groups here at the Summit Church. This one will describe the third, and most critical, piece of our connection strategy: Personal Invites. The first two posts talked about our web presence and our on-campus presence.


We work really, really hard from a staff team side to make sure we are creating as many opportunities as possible for people to get into a small group. That’s what the previous two posts have been about. However, all of those efforts are really supplemental in nature. The driving force for growth and expansion in our small group ministry is, and will continue to be, small group members inviting others to join them in small group community.  here is why:

1. People are more likely to accept a personal invitation. Larry Osborne talks about this principle in his book sticky church. He acknowledges after 20 years of small group experience at his church, that people “stick” in a small group when they are invited by somebody they know. Just common sense, but sometimes we forget it.

2. Groups stay outreach focused. It could be very easy for a small group leader to sit back and wait for names to come floating to them through all of our other avenues for connection. But we dont want to create a disciple making ministry that leaves out evangelism or even less just plain old pro-activeness. So we train people to become recruiters when they become leaders. Its just a part of the job. That’s why the most frequent phrase heard on campus at the summit is “are you in a small group?” if the answer is no, the reply should always be “want to come to mine?”  We want our groups open, and open to anyone.

3. New Groups start with momentum. Because new groups start as “plants” (think church plant) from current groups, they start with a core team who is planting the group and a sending group who is helping them out. That means the average group plant has 15-20 people recruiting and inviting people to the new group.

This has more work to develop as I believe the simple question “want to come to my small group?” may be the first step in a follower of christ getting into the regular habit of sharing their faith. its a small step, but we are always stepping somewhere and I would rather push people towards being others focused than letting satan convince them they need to just watch out for their own interests.

Next and final post in this series: the power of the mix.

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  1. trishrussell
    March 25, 2010 at 2:05 pm

    Thank you so much for your great insight! i especially liked the portion where you discuss groups making sure they stay outward focused! I am sending my groups out an email right now with that as the main theme.. always good to keep reminding them!

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