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How do I get in a group? 2. On Campus Connection

This post is the second in what turned into a series on how we at the Summit Church go about connecting people to small groups. I submit it to you only so that 1. you might avoid our mistakes and 2. if you are at the summit you will be more informed!

In part 1 I introduced our small groups online presence as a means of connecting to small groups. In this post I want to take a look at what we do on campus (by that I mean at our facilities) during a weekend. Weekends at the Summit are a big deal, small groups at the summit are a big deal, so making sure small groups are emphasized each weekend is a…you guessed it…big deal. There are 3 main approaches we take to this on campus connection. I am ranking them according to their small group retention rate (the % of people connected through that outlet who are retained by a group and become a part of group life).

1. Starting Point. Starting Point is our introduction to the Summit put on by our connections team. They are awesome at it too. This month long process involves an introduction to the ministries and pastors of the church, placement in volunteer opportunities and into a small group, and most importantly a clear evaluation of where each person considering participating in life at the Summit is spiritually.  What makes starting point so good for small groups is that each person who goes to SP, is personally cared for by an SP table host to make sure he/she/they are connected to a small group before SP is over. We’ve seen this to be true as SP yeilds the highest retention rate for our small groups out of any formal on campus recruiting tool.

2. Small Groups Kiosk. While this is not up at all of our campuses yet, our small groups kiosk serves as an every week info center for all things “small group” and is stationed in a high traffic area. The goal here is for the kiosk to be inviting enough and accessible enough for the guy or girl who is sipping a cup of coffee to wander over and look around. From there our team goes to work asking the most important question at the Summit “are you in a small group?” This team is comprised of staff and knowledgeable small group leaders. We have the website up at the kiosk and any other basic information someone asking about groups might need. A “win” at the small groups kiosk comes 2 ways. 1. The person interested decides to go to starting point where we know they are likely to make the step of getting into a group. 2. The person jumps right into a group where their group leader will send them to SP so they can get to know the Summit. Retention rate is average here, but we tend to get our most 1st time guest traffic here so it is a win for us because we keep the “word out” about small groups there.

3. GroupLink. I feel like I’ve touched on GroupLink before on the blog. Basically, this is an event we do 4 times a year to connect as many people as we can to small groups. We bring all of our leaders on campus and make a BIG BIG deal out of being in a group on those days. Then, after each service we get anyone interested in a group to go to a designated area where the group leaders are and let the introductions begin. its a bit of an awkward environment we admit, but it usually is a big win for us in 2 ways: 1. The entire service is built around it which means a great deal of exposure about why you should be in a group and 2. we connect a very large volume of people in one day. The biggest loss for us is that because of the ease of connection (just shake a hand and sign a paper) we have our lowest retention rate with GroupLink. We are never pleased with low retention, but have come to expect it and prepare our leaders to fight it by ensuring they follow up with everyone who signs up with them.

These are the 3 outlets that make up our on-campus piece of the connections mix here in the summit small groups world. What about you? Do you have on campus exposure to your discipleship model? What does it look like and how could you diversify it?

I think this thing will wind down at 4 parts. Pretty excited to be talking through this with you.

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