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Im Back, with some changes a comin…

Well, my sabbatical from the blogosphere is over. I know you care deeply about that! Truthfully, my rest from writing was a welcomed one as it reminded me that the internet can and will go on without my 2 cents. I spent several of those days last month without ever looking at anything on a computer screen!! WHOA! Crazy I know but something I encourage you to do if your daily routine involves computer screens and offices like mine does. On to some thoughts I’d like your input into as the blog gets back up and running.

I’m considering expanding the scope of the small groups guy blog. This blog, since its inception, has been geared specifically and intentionally to small group leaders. And I love it. I love being a resource to leaders and the expansion I am considering will not change that. However my time lately in the scriptures has reminded me that we are called to make disciples, not small groups. Of course the former we desire to happen in the latter, but healthy disciples in healthy churches is our goal.
So, I am considering expanding the scope of the blog to include other contributors who God has gifted in areas of missions, worship, teaching, etc that can speak words of wisdom and impact into all of us as people seeking to grow as disciples of Christ. What do you think? Provide feedback in the comment section below.

Also, we are going to need a name for this new thing!

  1. September 15, 2009 at 8:46 am

    Hey Spence,

    I think you should definitely stick with the small groups focus. Become the “go to” place for small group resources, articles, helps, connections.

    I think guest bloggers would be fantastic on your site as long as they stayed with the groups focus.

    Do some cross pollenation on other people’s blogs. What other blogs or websites are doing a great job talking about small groups. I would love to know for myself.

    I’m interested in what others think too.

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