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Kingdom minded prayer in your small group

As I mentioned earlier I will be out of touch with the blog for most of August. That said, God is allowing his Holy Spirit to mold my understanding of small group / discipleship ministry deeply. Here at the Summit we just held our semi-annual leader gathering we call FRONTLINE. It was an awesome time of vision casting, prayer, and planning for the fall. Allow me to share a brief exerpt from one of the 3 main session messages. This comes partly from Dr. Bruce Ashford in his talk on Planting Small Groups.  (I am summarizing from my notes here so If Bruce corrects me I will edit appropriately). I’ve also added my own language and thoughts in here.

  • The church is open and designed to grow. It’s very mission is growth. the advancement of God’s kingdom is the task entrusted to the church by God.
  • We must begin to see our small groups as a part of that mission. To not connect that is simply wrong, both logistically and doctrinally.
  • Therefore, we must begin praying kingdom-centered prayers as a small group. Challenge: What if your group prayed kingdom-centered prayers for a month?
  • You like your people in your small group, this is good. But the mission of the church is not to like people, its to love people. And the primary way you love someone is to introduce them to Christ and his church. Do you have room in your group for non-christians? For fellow Christians who have no biblical community?

This blog comes as a draft in one sitting so I confess my thought process is not totally finalized here. I need some help from my fellow small group pastors and leaders who read this blog. I do not intend the following question to give disrespect as I recognize I am still learning. After 2 years of battling this I have one looming question with the open vs. closed model of small group:

How can we lead the people in our churches to desperately love our world by seeking to make disciples if the small group they are a part of does not lead this charge? I look forward to your responses and I may return to this to refine my thought some on it.

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  1. August 20, 2009 at 5:13 am

    I think for our church that small groups must lead that charge. I think that more and more, our culture is moving from an acceptance mentality to a challenge mentality, and with that comes a lot of question and discussion. You can’t do that at a typical church service, so it must be in relationships and small groups. If groups are closed, they can’t do this.

    I think closed groups should exist. We need them. Sometimes, there’s just going to be something that has to be dealt with among close brothers and/or sisters, and it’s not appropriate to bring in unbelievers or even believers who are strangers. But these groups have a specific purpose or goal, and as such, a clearly defined season.

    Hope that makes sense. It’s early.

  2. August 25, 2009 at 7:13 am

    Spence, right on. When our small group began to pray for God to use us in whatever way he wanted for the advance of his kingdom, that is when we became ready to multiply. The group multiplied naturally, and is now planting again. Thank you for the stuff you are doing on the blog.

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