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Monday on the Links…East Asia driver’s ed

Ok, normally Monday on the links is reserved for good edifying discipleship materials. But today, I bring you one and only one, awesome link. actually, I am posting the text here for security reasons but they live in a large country in East Asia and just recently received their driver’s license. In case you dont know people there drive like madmen & traffic is chaos. Now i know why. Below is a series of questions straight from their test. Oh, and Mutiple Choice Question 2 is my favorite. What is yours? And I begin quote ”

1. When a head-on collision is unavoidable, the driver should free the steering wheel, raise the legs and lie sideward on the right seat at the moment of the head-on collision. This can ensure his body is not struck by the steering wheel. Answer: True
2. When making a U turn on a slope, the foot brake instead of the hand brake should be used. Answer: False.
3. When a driver senses he will inevitably be thrown out the of vehicle, he should violently straighten both his legs to increase the force of being thrown out and jump out of the vehicle. Answer: True. WHAT??????????
4. When a wounded suffers bleeding in the forearm or shank, the rescuers may place a cushion in the armpit or in the rook of the arm, crook the armpit or rook and tie up. Answer: True .
5. When encountering old people walking on the road and obstructing the traffic, the driver may continuously honk to urge them to yield. Answer: False .
6. When driving at night, the driver should reduce speed and go forward if the vehicle coming in the opposite direction fails to turn off the high beam light. This is designed to prevent an accident from happening when there are pedestrians crossing the place where the lights of the two vehicles meet. Answer: True
Multiple Choice:
1.When the engine catches fire, the wrong measure is to_________.
a. swiftly turn off the engine
b. extinguish the fire by covering
c. open the bonnet to extinguish the fire
d. use the fire extinguisher to put out the fire
Answer: C Don’t you dare open that bonnet!
2. After a vehicle falls into water, the wrong method for the driver to rescue himself is to _________.
a. close the window to prevent water from flowing into the vehicle
b. immediately use hand to open the door
c. let the water fill up the driver’s cab so that the water pressure both inside and outside is equal
d. use a large plastic bag to cover the head and tight the neck closely
Answer: A Yes, that’s right, D is one the right methods. make sure if you use a plastic bag that you “tight the neck closely”
3. When encountering a flock of sheep crossing a road, the driver should _________.
a. honk continuously to drive away the flock
b. speed up and bypass the flock
c. drive slowly and use the vehicle to scare away the flock
d. reduce speed and go slowly, or stop to yield when necessary
Answer: D

4. When causing a road accident involving only slight property damage and the basic fact is clear, the parties to the accident__________.
a. should not leave the scene
b. should report to the police immediately
c. should first leave the scene and then discuss how to solve the problem
d. should park the vehicles in the original place and discuss compensation
Answer: C
So how did you do??? You’ve gotta get 90% to drive in this country! “
Huge thanks to my friends, ummm, Chuck Norris & She-ra for their awesome contribution to my life with that blog post. Hope you laughed as much as I did. Happy Monday.
  1. September 9, 2009 at 6:55 am

    So. Awesome.

    And true too… I remember many times when my life flashed before my eyes in Uzbek taxi cabs…

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