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I’m a michael jackson fan…

Time for all of us (Michael fans in hiding for the past 7 years) to start making our way out of the shadows to pay tribute to the last guy to single handedly alter the landscape of music in his time. I loved michael jackson. I learned his dances…as much as a clumsy white boy from the suburbs can learn such masterful rhythm. I had tapes, then cds, and at one point a dvd I bought in china (probably pirated) with a concert of his on it. So allow me to go “groupy” on you and drop some michael memories I hope you enjoy sharing. then a word about the blog to follow in a couple of days..

I mean do you remember the music videos? COME ON! EPIC! Let’s take a stroll down michael memory lane together: Smooth Criminal (The lean? what a move!) / Thriller (first two chords…you are so there right now) / Black or White (McCauley!) / JAM (M.J. meets M.J. my 2 favorite icons in one place) / Bad (Whose bad? freaking michael jackson thats who) / Beat It (best knife fight scene ever) Scream (not his best) /  BILLIE FREAKIN JEAN! (Lit up side walk. Dont know why, but that was so awesome) / Heal the World (that song may be a little lame, but its untouchable. if you bust on it, you are a racist who hates poor people) / Remember the time (magic johnson cameo in an Egyptian theme? nowhere else would that be tolerated, much less COOL)

each of these, and I probably am missing some, were worthy of academy award short film nominations (again except for scream). I think Thriller might have won something actually. If I am missing something, let me know in comment section.

I learned what a beat was from this music and I loved it. I learned some quality wedding reception dance moves from this guy and I used them. For a couple years I was, sorry to say, “That guy” that the dreaded dance circle formed around to do his mj dance moves. Still hear comments from the Ussery wedding moves I did to “Beat It.”

Bottom line, its sad M.J. is dead. Sad that with all his fame, success, and wealth I think its safe to say he couldnt buy happiness. Sadder so many people worshipped the guy. He was a great entertainer, maybe the best ever, and now he’s gone. Maybe some people around the world will be open to talking about real life issues for a brief window because of his passing. I encourage you, Christain, to use this window while it is there and talk with your friends and family about it. Death comes to us all. Jesus brings hope in the face of death because he overcame the grave. Speak the truth in love, see what happens!

Back to my tribute: So long M.J. Your music will live on in my house. Leg kick + shoulder shrug + neck/head swing + arm stretch + “He Hee” + hip grab (PC MJ grab) + thrust + Beat It in the background = Spence’s Michael Tribute.

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  1. June 26, 2009 at 8:43 am

    I too was a huge MJ fan, and will be for the rest of my life. In fact, next week in the offices I will only play Michael Jackson music on iTunes.

    Also, Spence, can you please do this MJ rendition that you have described for us?

  2. Derek
    June 26, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    anyway you could post a picture, or perhaps video footage, of your tribute dance?

  3. Matt C
    June 30, 2009 at 9:07 am

    The Ussery wedding reception was phenomenal! “That guy” had the place rockin!

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