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Stuff a small group leader should know pt. 2…The Calendar!

In our ongoing series on stuff a small group leader should know, today we look at the Calendar. Let me put it to you this way, if you are a small group leader, you need to own a calendar. Especially if you lead a group full of families with young kids as they are forced to manage their schedule farther in advance than most. Regardless, you need to be aware of the Calendar so you can plan for success in your small group. Nothing is better for your small group than knowing what is coming so they can prepare. If you are a SummitLIFE group leader, knowing that we switch gears in June and July is critical. We want you to break from your normal leader role and focus on relationship building and week of hope project. So dont plan a ton of gatherings but instead focus on relationship building.

Exercise for you as a leader: Sit down with a copy of the remaining 2009 calendar and plan out your schedule for your small group. When can you do social gatherings? When can you do community service? When could you devote a night solely to prayer? When could you invite a church planter to come (via skype or in person) share with you? What major church initiatives do you need to take into consideration?
And can I be honest with you? I’m not good at calendaring. I have to really discipline myself here, but it is very much worthwhile.

A look at my group’s June calendar:
* I know the sg staff has encouraged leaders to focus on relationship building and our community ministry projects.
* Spence & Trevor both separately leading on-campus bible studies on Wed. nights so that is open to those interested.
* Church planters we support have a team rep. coming to town sometime. When we know, we will try to have them join us.

05.31 – 06.06:

06.07 – 06.13:

  • Tentative hang out night at new home of the Wickershams.
  • Confirm Hope4RDU week of hope ministry assignments for everyone in the group
  • Check-in individually on prayer reqs & answers to prayer from 05.27 gathering

06.14 – 06.20:

  • Tentative cookout / video game (old school NES) and other fun stuff night. Probably Tuesday Night.
  • Church Planting Team rep. can be there to talk with us?

06.21 – 06.27

  • Nothing on calendar but maybe a guys night or a girls night?

06.28 – 07.04

  • Final preparations for week of hope projects.
  • Some people on vacation

I hope you see that this is nothing major and some things are still not set in stone. The point is, some direction has been provided that our group can then work with. People need this. So either get on it, or entrust the calendar to a group member who you know can pull this off. We’ve got an awesome calendar lady in our group so the above is all up for her to adjust!

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