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The SGG is back

Quick note: the discussion guide for Sunday, 5.17 is now up. I apologize for the delay there.

The past two weeks have been full. On a personal note I finished my last assignment for my seminary program and am set to graduate this coming Friday. I was also offered the chance to write a couple of small group related articles / training resources that I will let you know about if they get published.

On a Summit Small Groups note, we have a major training seminar coming up this Thursday. Our teamhas been intensely preparing for it. the topic: How to Plant a Small Group (without killing yours)

Why this topic? Over the past year we have seen significant numerical growth in our church and in the number of people in our small groups. However our number of small groups has not grown at that same pace. Because of this, our people/small group number is now 13.5 (and climbing weekly!). That’s an average. it means a bunch of our groups are over 20!

As we will discuss thursday, this is a great thing as it shows us the Summit is not just a sunday morning crowd but a life-on-life community of believers. I am stoked about that. That said, we are in a critical time where we need to expand our capacity to bring more people into our community. We are going to discuss and strategize together a process for you (whether you are in a group, lead a group, or arent in one yet) to engage in this summer to prepare yourself to plant a new SummitLIFE group this fall.

Thursday May 21st 7-8:30 Pm
Summit Church Brier Creek Campus – The Bay
*Childcare will only be provided through voucher system

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