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Stuff a small group leader should know pt.1b

Series: stuff a small group leader should know

Today: What should my group study part 2. Part 1

Second, based on your answers, pick a direction
Is there something big going on church-wide? Direct your materials search based on what God is doing church-wide. Is your small groups ministry emphasizing something? Consult them about materials that will help your group “get it.” I promise they have thought about it. What about your group? If there is an issue that needs addressing, seek counsel on material that will help you cover it.  Some things to remember in this step:

  • Remember the calendar:  You may be thinking…”my church is in a major campaign, the groups team is emphasizing tithing, and my group members are in crappy marriages. How do I deal with all of that at the same time???” You don’t. Get the dates of major church campaigns from your pastor. Schedule around those pushes so your group will be “with” your church during those important seasons.  Major pushes usually occur at the beginning of the fall and the start of spring. Be prepared to get on board so your group members feel connected to what is happening. You then become a momentum catalyst for your church instead of a momentum killer.
  • Consult the group: Of course, the group isn’t “your” group in the sense that everybody in the group needs to have ownership over it.  A great way for others in the group to accept that responsibility is to consult them in this process. Someone may be sitting on a great idea that they would be willing to co-lead with you…. You may just discover a future group planter this way!  If nothing else, your group will know that they aren’t audience members but community members.
  • Consult your coach &/or pastor: Even if you are not doing something “church-wide” you must reject the feeling that you are on an island. Seek the counsel of those in your support line. For example, here at the Summit I am a small groups pastor. That means I spend a full work week every week in the small groups world. Most of our group leaders have busy lives and do not have time to look into the endless sea of materials out there right now and google may not exactly yield the most profitable results on this one.

Third, know your limits
The best small group leader does not need a PhD in systematic theology. The best group leader cares for the people in his group and know his limits when it comes to available prep time, small group experience, Bible teaching skills, and group dynamics. If you are like me and have an infant, a pregnant wife, and a full time job, you probably don’t have 8 hours a week to devote to creating a study guide for Romans 6. Or, maybe this is your first time leading a small group and you have never prepared a discussion before. Maybe your group is full of new Christians or non-Christians. The point is, limitations are your friend as long as you acknowledge them.  The bad group leader is the one who cannot see his limits and winds up over or under preparing on a regular basis. Not sure what your limits are? Ask for some honest feedback from your coach/pastor or a member in your group you trust.

Hopefully this will help you think strategically in deciding what your small group will be studying. After all, what you should study is stuff a small group leader should know.

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