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Stuff a small group leader should know pt.1a

We are working through evaluating and retooling our discipleship strategy here at the Summit and in doing so we’ve been reminded of how essential one particular element of small group ministry is: communication. No wonder it is one of the 7 deadly sins of small group ministry according to Donahue & Robinson in their book by that title. So in an effort to COMMUNICATE some of the things we consider foundational to small group leader success,  we are beginning a series here at the Small Groups Guy on the stuff small group leaders should know.  This means anything from how your group can create other groups to balancing elements of group life to what materials to use in your group.  The goal behind this series is to make you a more informed and equipped small group leader. We begin with the question…

“What should my group study?”

This is the one question I was always finding myself coming back to as a small group leader for many years. Even if I set up a 6 month plan for my group’s study I was always keeping an eye out for other materials out there that would be “cool to try.” As a group leader you have a very serious responsibility in this arena. What you study will define a good portion of the discipleship experience your group members have. You better get this one right hu? So let’s build a strategy to answer this question well. Hopefully you will find this strategy one you can keep coming back to.  3 phases, the first of which we will look at today, the second two we will look at tomorrow.

First, Evaluate your situation
. Answer the following questions:

  • What is happening church-wide?
    • What is the pastor teaching through? Is he in a series on a particular book or subject?
      • Summiters: We’ve got a 3 week series on prayer starting May 3.
    • Are there any major initiatives being emphasized such as expansion projects, service opportunities, etc.?
      • Summiters: think BELIEVE project, Hope4RDU, Church Planting, for examples.
  • What is happening in your small groups ministry?
    • ideally the small groups ministry will be emphasizing the same things as the church-wide vision, but there may be some nuances or other things the sg team is putting out there to help you make disciples.
    • Is there certain material the sg team is offering or encouraging you to use?
      • Summiters: think BELIEVE guide this February and our weekly sermon discussion guides the rest of the year.
    • Is there a certain emphasis for the year or semester the sg team has put out there at leadership gatherings?
      • Summiters: What did we emphasize at Frontline this January? Hope4RDU and small group coaching
  • What is happening in your small group?
    • Spiritually, where are the people in your group? Are there new Christians and/or non-Christians?
    • Is there a certain life-stage many of your group members fit into?
    • How long has your group been meeting together?
    • Is there a situation one or more of your group members are in or have been through that you think requires more attention?

Mars Hill Church in Seattle, a sister church of the Summit in the Acts29 network, describes the role of their small group leader as “to know each member of the group well enough to articulate a vision for his/her spiritual growth, citing specifics about how my group as a whole or individual members of the group nurture his/her growth.” I think this is necessary in order to answer this 3rd question well.

part 2 coming tommorrow.


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