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Monday on the links…Childcare

Took some time off from the internet last week, back in action today with another edition of Monday on the Links. Before I get started let me give a big shout out to the people of the Summit Church. Yesterday was one of our big baptism days we do once or twice a year. Those days are my favorite day of the year hands down. I baptized dozens of people and got completely sunburnt in the process. Here is a brief word from our lead pastor on the day.

Today’s links surround one of the logistical aspects of small group ministry. If you are a group leader who isn’t currently facing this issue, you will sooner or later! The goal of this set of links is to give you some help brainstorming ideas for childcare. Again, not as meaty as a normal week, but THE main barrier to entry for people with children to become a part of your group.

  • Summit Church Childcare Voucher System: This page will tell you about our efforts to provide childcare for everyone at the Summit who needs it. We’ve been using this system for right at a year and really like it. Its not perfect, but its the best system for us we have tried to date.
  • Solving the Childcare Problem (Article by SGX contributor Scotty Neal): A cool idea a church is trying out that one of our SummitLIFE groups is also trying out. The group here likes this model and finds it is working well.
  • What about the kids? (Article by my new friend in the SG world Pat Sikora): Pat deals with the question in a great way by illuminating the importance of thinking well through the different aspects of this decision. Pat, if you read this today, your experience, wisdom, and wordsmanship make you are great resource for us all!
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