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Monday on the Links…Bible Study

Ok boys and girls, for this edition of Monday on the Links we are looking into Bible Study. What a broad topic! Ok so we are looking at 3 facets of bible study: 1) how to study the bible /  helpful resources for bible study and 2) what materials to take your small group through.  *Some of these links are going to take you to sites where you can buy resources. Sorry, not everything is free today but I realized that you are probably quite willing to spend a little cash on great stuff.

  1. How To Study the Bible
    1. Article: “Studying the Scriptures” (an article by Kenneth Boa): This is a pretty long article but rich with insight into the why and how of studying the bible.
    2. website: www.biblestudytools.net
    3. Rick Warren’s Bible Study Methods (book by Rick Warren): Very Accessible and helpful resource, but it does cost money.
    4. Living by the Book (book by Howard Hendricks): What I consider one of the best works on the “observation, interpretation, application” method.
    5. SummitLIFE Leader Training Session 1. Just a shameless plug! If you want to learn to study the bible, come lead a small group at the Summit Church!
  2. Materials for your small group
    1. Life Change Series (series of book-based studies by NavPress): A great resource for a small group to use. The link I’ve provided is for the Ephesians book study.
    2. MaCarthur Bible Studies (series by John MaCarthur): Written by one of “the guys” in popular bible study, a few of our groups here at the Summit have found these to be quite helpful.
    3. BestCommentaries.com (website…of course): Nothing beats speaking with your pastor to get good guidance on a particular passage you are working through. With that said, whenever I’m confronted with the question “what would be a great commentary on (insert book of the bible)?” I now turn to this site in my search. It’s new, but good.
    4. Redeemer Presbyterian Small Group Studies: Written largely by Tim Keller these studies are deep, good, and very well priced.
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