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Good stuff in our small groups right now

I just want to take a moment and share with you that I am hearing reports from group members and leaders that God is changing lives in our small groups right now. Addictions are being broken, sin is being exposed and fought against, and groups are experiencing increasing levels of depth in their relationships. It appears the freeing power of the gospel is taking root in the community of saints that is the Summit Church.  My own small group is among those who have had our best weeks recently. I apologize for being so vague in my celebration here but you understand I am protecting privacy and what not.

I started to write here my observations for what led to this increase in life change. Then I remembered, you dont program for life change as much as you pray for it. God, via his Holy Spirit, seems to have rested upon the Summit Church family and begun an act of communal sanctification that recalls me to the early church and Paul’s teaching on the church throughout the NT. I will say simply, I am exceedingly grateful to be a part of the movement of God happening in our midst. SummitLIFE small group leaders, your role is the most significant one we have here. I hope you humbly submit your role before God daily and ask that he continue changing lives as he is doing now.

  1. Lori Smoot
    April 20, 2009 at 12:34 pm

    Hey Spence, Praise God for lives being changed and sanctified! I just wanted to remind you of the prayer guides we used for the Believe series. The first week or so of daily prayer had a lot to do with loving God and praying that our small groups would truly learn what that meant. I used that tool and began to earnestly pray for my small group and my heart as it longed to know God. I’m thankful to have a church body that not only teaches the gospel (with its depth) but also compels honest prayer that reaches deep past the shallow desires of our hearts. I know my heart is deceitful but being guided through the Believe series was a heart breaking moment to reflect on and break down the misconceptions of my heart. Thank you for those guides and I believe that the prayers spoken to our awesome God are being answered in ways we never thought possible! Praise God!

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