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Monday on the links

Books and the internet are awesome. If you are a small group leader you likely have a dilemma: you want to be a better small group leader, but probably dont have the time to do anything but google “small group leader tips” and click on something that ends up educating you on how to facilitate a focus group in your new product line. Or, you wind up on amazon needing to buy a book to find out the answers.  Well, your small groups guy is here to help. I hope. What I am going to try and do today (and maybe every monday) is give you some targeted, always free, materials to help you grow as a follower of Jesus. Some of these will be specific to the small group world and some will be more general discipleship oriented. Sermons, interviews, book reviews, articles, blogs, and videos are all in play.

To remind you, the better version of Monday on the links is my partner in small group ministry: The Small Group Exchange, linked over on the right. Likely some of the links I give you each week will direct you to a resource on their site.

Here we go. Today I want to deal with developing an effective, gospel-centered version of your encounter with Jesus. So many people in our small groups likely have never shared their story with anyone before, and others in there may not be Christians. What I hope the resources below do is help equip a small group to train one another and encourage one another with your individual encounters with Jesus. Our small groups at the Summit are doing this exercise this week. If you lead at the Summit, let me know how it is going!

  • Developing your story (resource by Summit Small groups Staff): a guide to writing a 3-5 minute version of your story.
  • Experience AND Evidence (blog by Summit Pastor Danny Franks): reflection on sermon from 04.05.09 which discussed how you balance your personal story and the truth claims of christianity. His sermon is linked on that blog.
  • Sharing your Life Story (article by SGX contributor Scott Vosburgh)
  • Share your Journey (video by Author & Small groups pastor Bill Self): Broadens out to your life story, and gives a great challenge to small group leaders.
  1. Dean Pike
    April 13, 2009 at 12:27 pm

    I like the Monday on the links idea I was hoping to see one on here today. My wife and I are currently involved with two Summit life small groups they each fill different needs in our life right now.

    I wish that I had read your post before last weeks meeting because I could have done a better job with my story (it was too long and off task)

    I feel as a participant in the small group discussion it would be helpful for me to prepare for each session as well.

    I hope to have my own small group sometime in the future.

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