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Engage your Marriage

I spent last weekend with one of my best friends who is also a small group leader here at the Summit. As often happens when I am around him, he really challenged me to step my game up spiritually. This time it was in the area of my marriage and he did so simply through sharing how he is trying to be obedient to God’s call to lead and love his wife well. I asked him to type out what he told me so that you can benefit from it as well. Be encouraged, Nate Gilmore is a numbers guy so he knows how to get to the point. In fact, his post may be shorter than the introduction I just gave him!

Guest Blogger: Nate Gilmore
As a parent of young children, it’s no secret that my spare time has
dramatically decreased over the last few years.  During this time, I’ve
always understood the importance of taking a break from the daily grind
to go on regular dates with my wife.  What I’ve only recently begun to
grasp is how important it is to be purposeful with our dates.

I realize that just because someone has been married a long time, it
does not necessarily mean that they enjoy a deep intimacy and knowledge
of one another.  It takes intentional effort to get to know your spouse
over the course of your marriage to attain this.  If we simply follow
the natural course of life, instead of growing closer to one another we
will end up drifting apart.  A good marriage doesn’t just happen, it
takes work!

This year, my wife and I have been reading The Search for Significance,
by Robert McGee.  We discuss a chapter or two of the book on each of our
dates.  This has been a practical way to give our dates a spiritual
focus.  Our times together have been rich and meaningful.  (The book has
also gone hand in hand with J.D.’s Sabotage sermon series.)

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