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The ESV Study bible

ESV Study BibleThis is a classic “seminary/pastor boy” post but bear with me. One way you could characterize my role at the Summit is to ensure our people are well equipped with the best tools available to grow towards mature followers of Christ. Of course this is every pastor’s role (Ephesians 4:12) but I find it amplified as a small groups pastor.

The latest resource I have come across that I am finding very valuable and very simple to use, is the ESV study bible recently published by Crossway Books. Now, every bible is great and I am not going to diatribe here about how scripture alone is sufficient for you and that you do not NEED uninspired study notes to grow in your faith. That said, study notes help. just like sermons help and commentaries help and fellow believers help.

Why is this thing so Good I would promote it on the blog?

  • It’s like somebody stuffed a bunch of good commentaries into a bible. There are serious scholarly well written notes all throughout this thing. Unlike most of the study bibles I have used, you dont finish reading the notes of the bottom of the page and then say “I still dont know what is going on there.”
  • Not just strange pretty maps, but useful charts also!
    I think its a requirement to have those full color maps of palestine & paul’s journeys in every bible. But, this one also has useful charts and illustrations that organize certain types of material in the scriptures like “Dated events from Exodus 40 to Leviticus 10” so you can get the big picture easier.
  • Scholarly articles on theology & other stuff
    This thing is almost a text book in basic christianity in this regard. You know how there are “calendar plans” to read the bible in a year? You will need a calendar plan to read all of the articles in this thing. But totally worth it and I plan on pulling some of them to use in our discipleship here at the Summit. Would be great to read through along with scripture with another person or a group of people.
    Im not kidding. When you buy the bible you get an access code to log into your virtual ESV study bible. And in it you can listen to audio of the scriptures, highlight text and add your own notes (which will of course be saved for you),  and use a very effective search tool. This alone is worth the $40 or whatever it is now.

I can probably think of more, but suffice it to say, you should get you one of these. or buy it for a friend.

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  1. Andrew
    January 25, 2009 at 7:17 pm

    Im not kidding. When you buy the bible you get an access code to log into your virtual ESV study bible.

    Eh… if they want to be effective, they should open up the online part free. Unfortunately, Christian publishers, like their secular counterparts, are pretty far behind their understanding in how to be effective online.

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