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Talking about money in a small group

Pretty cool time at the Summit right now. Part of the discussion our groups are having each week along with the material from Sunday’s sermon, is a discussion through a couple of chapters of the book Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. Great little book that teaches and challenges you to find great joy in giving the money, time, and talents, God has given you towards his fame as opposed to building up your own pile-o-stuff. While the book is a good and helpful read, it can be quite daunting as a group leader to embark on a discussion about people’s cash. 

Last night my group launched right into the book discussion, bypassing the sermon material, and we had what I thought was a really good discussion. The following is a basic list of things I think made the discussion helpful & encouraging instead of awkward and offensive:

  • Leader lays the foundation at the start. Just as our pastor does, I as the group leader spent a couple of seconds reminding our group of the motivation for why we give: We practice radical generosity because we have experienced the radical generosity of God in the salvation given to us through Christ’s death and resurrection. Giving is an act of worship not of guilt-driven obligation.
  • Group Members knew this was coming! Dont blindside your group members with a discussion on giving. give them fair warning and give them something to read through together so you have a common ground to start from. 
  • We Talked  first about previous experiences giving. I had no idea where my people were coming from. Maybe they have never even given a tithe before. I couldn’t as the leader assume everyone was regularly tithing. So I asked “Tell us about your experiences (not dollar amounts) giving regularly or to missions or to a fundraising effort.” Easy question that kind of broke the ice. Turns out one of our guys (who we are convinced runs the world) has experience helping people set budgets so they can be generous with their money. Another had been through a capital campaign in a previous church setting. Guess what: Some didnt share. AND THAT IS OK! I talked about my experience as well. 
  • We talked about obstacles to giving. This is not all bad stuff, its just stuff that will stand between you and giving. Things like budgeting, debt, and “somebody else will do it” were all talked about along with others. 
  • We prayed together & left the conversation open. I marked this as the beginning of an ongoing conversation we will be having among one another about how God is convicting us and challenging us to give of our finances. I dont want our conversation on this limited to our discussion time and frankly I dont want it to always dominate our discussion time. So it will likely become a part of our accountability / prayer time.

Hope this helps you group leaders here at the Summit as well as those of you leading groups at other churches and would love to hear your experiences in this area!

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