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Singapore? I meant Blingapore

So as you know by my earlier post I am spending 47 hours in singapore. Long story and frankly I dont have time to write about it here. Stuff to do. Anyways, what you need to know is that singapore looks like the product of “pimp my city.” This place is the most technologically advanced city I have ever been in. And Ive been to both Raleigh & Durham North Carolina. Seriously though, they have scanners built into their superior cars so there is no such thing as “paying the parking or toll attendant.” The city is clean and everybody speaks english. The dollar goes just a little further here than in the U.S. and they call elevators “lifts” which is awesome.

I can see why people from around the world come to live here. Honestly since the time I got off the plane ive felt like I am in my own version of Bill Murray’s “lost in translation” only everybody understands me. The adventures I have been on already would probably blow your mind. again no time. Gotta go meet up with 2 ex-patriots one of which we are video-conferencing with because he is in shanghai today. Im telling you, movie script in waiting.

All that said, I miss home and cant wait to see Mrs. Shelton and our little boy.

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