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Friday is for discussion guides

Ok gang, normally below I would link you to a discussion guide based on the sermon that is coming this Sunday. However, we have a unique Sunday coming at each of our campuses that will lead to a somewhat varied discussion depending on which campus you attend…The suspense is killing you I know!! So, here is what you can count on and prepare for. And for those of you who never click on the link to download the discussion guide, Im putting it right here for you:

Sermon Text: Philippians 2:12-18

Key theme: How are you living out the gospel in a way that others notice it?

So here is the cool thing, though all four campuses will be working through the same text & theme, each will likely come away with some unique things that the others dont. So here is my challenge to you: Contact your group today and tell them to take serious notes this Sunday during the sermon. Also challenge them to meditate on the text for a little while (see this post by one of our small group coaches for more on that) before you gather.

Here are a couple of questions to get your group started, but you may not need them. This should be a cool note & thought sharing week combined with a good time in prayer over what you learned.

– What was the most impactful thing you came away with from the sermon and/or your study of Philippians 2?

– How could your life proclaim the gospel in a way it hasnt to this point? I know this is an introspective question, but go for it. This is the application. you could even ask “what do you want us to hold you accountable for when it comes to showing off Jesus in your life?”

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