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A moravian lesson

Yesterday I spent the day in Winston-Salem where I attended the funeral service for the father of one of my best friends. The family has been a part of the Moravian church (yes they love Jesus) in Old-Salem for years and years. It was a hard day and I hated seeing my friend & his family in such pain. The service itself was a traditional moravian service that definitely honored this man and brought some comfort to his family. The lesson I learned though is what happened afterwards. It happened very subtly but really hit me hard. After the graveside service the family got back into the limo and were driven to a lunch provided for them by the moravian church. See, the moravians have a great deal of respect for “God’s Church” as I heard it referred to. They see a great deal of importance in caring for every single person who becomes a member of “home church” another way I heard it referred to. So the night my friend’s dad passed away, the pastor was there in there home at 3am. And the point i want to make with that lunch after the service is that the church simply continued loving and supporting this family. Love & Support didnt begin at the time of the tragedy and end when the formalities ended, this church was already in the habit of supporting one another and they are just continuing that now that the services have passed. They will, i believe, continue to support this family as long as they are there at home church. 

What’s my point? Tragedy will happen in our lives as unexpectedly as it did to my friend the other day. A church who understands the importance of community will not wait on tragedy to begin to genuinely love and support one another. They will do it because they understand God created us to be in community and created the community of believers we know as the church to be God’s reflection of hope, love, and life to a world filled with pain and hopelessness. 

At the summit this community is formed first by covenanting to be a part of the Summit Church, and second by committing to a small community of believers we call SummitLIFE groups. We’ve had tragedy strike our church several times in the last year or so and I can tell you those who have a small group to lean on during those times experience God’s comfort, peace, and hope in the best way I think we can offer it here at the Summit.

Ok, this was long and kind of a downer considering thanksgiving is tomorrow. But maybe not. Maybe we can rejoice in the community of believers God has given us. When was the last time you thanked God by name for the people in your small group?

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