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A Small Group Idea

I told all of our group leaders about an idea I am trying out this week in our SummitLIFE group. Right now our group is made up of all married couples. We didnt try to look like that, but that’s what we are right now so I have been looking for ways to capitalize on that (always look for ways to capitalize on the uniqueness of your group!). I’ve been trying to think of ways I can communicate that we need to place a high priority on maintaining healthy marriages & encouraging one another in those marriages. I’ve done the marriage study thing though and have found sometimes just talking about marriage is not very effective.

So tonight, for our small group meeting, each of the guys in my group is taking his woman on a date…Well, some of them are. The couples without kids have graciously agreed to my request to babysit for those who do have children so they can go out. THAT IS A GROUP CARING FOR ONE ANOTHER BABY! Honestly that (people serving eachother) is the part I am most excited about. So for those couples they will go out another night this week.

So, the guys are taking their women out. The goal here is to create an opportunity for a “win” for the couples in my group. A “win” is a good experience applying the gospel to an area of your life. As a small group leader, I feel like one of my duties as a group leader is to create those opportunities for my people to have great experiences seeing the gospel at work in their lives. That’s why our groups partner with a community ministry and support a church planter. So that there are built in opportunities to put the gospel at work in through loving other people. For my group right now, I want them to not just “think about” how the gospel applies to their marriage, but actually APPLY the gospel to their marriage. I want them to admire, show affection to, and sacrificially love their spouses and a date night is a great way to do that.

We aren’t just going out either…oh no… I gave them an “on-the-date” assignment. 5 questions they have to discuss. Just to try and pitch them a home-run ball you know. Here are the questions:

  1. What is the coolest / impactful insight you’ve learned from God this week?

    2. What do you find most attractive about your spouse?

    3. What are our big-picture dreams for how God could minister to people through our family?

    4. Where…anywhere reasonable…could we go for our next Husband-Wife getaway? What is keeping us from planning it? What steps can we take now to overcome those obstacles?

    5. Husband to wife: What do you want for dessert? Because I am splurging tonight baby!

  1. November 13, 2008 at 4:20 pm

    I have to say, this was a great idea! I had such a great time. Thanks for taking me out, Spencer!

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