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Shout outs

I feel like giving some much due “shout outs / props/ accolades/ praises/holla backs” to some awesome people. Here we go:

  • SummitLIFE leaders: I told our Cole Mill Campus this yesterday when I was with them: Your job is the single most important job at the Summit Church. Not my job, not pastor J.D.’s job, but your job. Why? Because as a church we are called simply to make disciples. And if we really believe discipleship happens in relationships, and that relationships are built in small groups, your job is the most important. The rest of us are here to make sure you have everything you need to succeed!

    So as sincerely as I can say it, THANK YOU!!!! for all that you do. I cant really say it enough. The health of our church rises and falls on your shoulders and I know that is a great responsibility. From the various conferences and leadership conversations I’ve been in, I think it is safe to say we have some of the best small group leaders in the country serving in our SummitLIFE ministry. great job guys!

  • Cole Mill Rd Campus: Thank you for a great welcome and great interaction yesterday. I had an absolute blast there and really enjoyed preaching to such an interactive group. As I said to several of you yesterday you have a unique opportunity at your campus to cultivate God’s “community” in the truest sense of the word. The ownership you have taken over the ministry that is happening from the Summit’s CMR campus is very encouraging. When I hear you excited about sending people out to our newest campus so that you can have some “room to grow” I get all pumped up. As we sang together yesterday God indeed has greater things that are yet to be done in Durham and I believe your campus will be the base camp for much of that.
  • Summit Pastors & Prayer team: You guys are an encouraging and supportive bunch of people. And Ive never felt more confident and at ease teaching the scriptures than I was yesterday and I attribute that to your prayers on my behalf. You guys are awesome and I love serving alongside of you.

That is all. More small group stuff to come this week. I’ve got some things ive been sitting on for a month waiting anxiously to share with you. its all coming in the next 2 weeks!

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