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Sharpen your skills!

At the Summit we are currently in the middle of our training course for new small group leaders. last night we finished up part 2 of our 4 part course and really had a great time. We worked through what prayer is and what it looks like in a small group setting. The group going through the course this time around is really engaged with the material and it is making for a great time of discussion when we gather.

Recently I have been thinking about how as a small group leader I tend to assume that my “new leader” training will be enough to take me through the rest of my small group leader career. Of course this isn’t the truth, yet I’ve found it to be the case that many group leaders never seek out or receive any training past that initial course (if that!).

If we were to approach our jobs that way we probably wouldn’t last very long would we? The Summit is located in the middle of the Research Triangle Park, one of the tech-savviest places on earth. Can you imagine if a software programmer never once received any training after he initially joined IBM? Never once read a manual about the specs on new technology coming out, never sat down and “played with” new software that IBM wants to use? He would be completely out of touch in 6 months. He would be the type-writer in the mac store.

That is just one example of course. All careers require training for advancements in their fields, for advancements up the corporate ladder, or even just to refresh ourselves of things we’ve filed away under the “I already heard that once” file. Shockingly I know, a small group leader is no different. We need training to keep our listening skills, bible study skills, etc sharpened. After all, the small group leader is the most important position in a church of small groups. So the question to you small group leader is this: what are you doing to improve your small group leader skills?

At the Summit we are presently working through creating training modules that each leader will go through at various points during their time as a leader. Nothing overwhelming of course, but something that will keep challenging them and help them avoid the dangerous land of complacency.

Below are a couple of resources I think are great helps in sharpening your skills as a group leader:

  • Leading Life-Changing Small Groups by Bill Donahue
  • smallgroups.com – good website with good tools for leaders and leaders of leaders.

I also have several things on file I’d be happy to share with you, just let me know.

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