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I was really baptist yesterday

This blogpost goes out to those who are not connected to the church I work at other than through this blog. I say that because anybody connected to the summit via any other means has no doubt heard by now of the great stuff that went down yesterday. namely, the droves of people who responded to Jesus by getting baptized. Thus the title of the post. That’s right. I got to personally baptize some of the 140 who were baptized yesterday at the Summit. If you read that and thought anything about me or our church being a numbers oriented church…shut-up and repent to God for such a spirit. Im rarely that direct but I know somehow somebody could hear that news and get discouraged and/or angry and if that person is a christian something is deeply wrong b/t him or her and Jesus. (whoa, that tangent lasted longer than expected.)

For us at the Summit, baptism follows when one places faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. They become a “believer” and so we call it “believer’s baptism.” I would go into a whole explanation because it is something you should understand, but our pastor preached that sermon yesterday. So you can just listen to it. Here is our sermon-download page. It will probably be posted in the next couple of days.

Ok, that’s all for now as I am deeply in study for a debate on the legitimacy of torture. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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