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Execution in small groups & a guest blogger

Im reading a book right now called Execution basically about how to close the gap between dreaming big dreams about your company (or in my case ministry) and seeing those dreams realized. That gap is the execution gap. For our small groups right now we’ve noticed an execution gap in going from wanting to do ministry locally and internationally to doing that ministry. Now, hear me say that the biggest step is usually getting everyone on board with the vision. SummitLIFE leaders, you guys are there and that pumps me up. This is not a “get-on-board” post, but a “here’s how to move now that you are ready” post. And to help me with that, I am introducing to you one of our newest staff members: Matt Clark. Matt’s job at the Summit Church is to connect SummitLIFE groups to community ministry opportunities and to a Summit Church Planter. Basically, Matt’s function is to close the execution gap. Matt was a SummitLIFE Leader before coming on staff and remains one today so he knows where you are. I asked him to write on our upcoming Jerusalem Church Experience through the eyes of a small group leader. Here you go:

Matt is hugging Alicia, his wife.

Somewhere you need to be and someone you need to know
guest blogger: Matt Clark

Even though I have been in on planning and organizing the Jerusalem Church Experience since before it was announced, it is still hard for me to communicate to you how significant this event really is. On this night we will experience all of the elements of the early church in Jerusalem: fellowship, worship, prayer, teaching, and communion. We will hear from J.D. on how the mission of God is portrayed throughout the entire Bible. There will also be interaction with different cultures and a focus on what the church looks like in different places around the world.

Friday night we hope that you will be challenged in the way you view your role in community and international missions. There will be action steps that will help you engage our community and the world to be a blessing for the glory of Christ. One way we will bless our church planters is by recording all that goes on that night so that it can be distributed to them. This will give them a chance to share in this experience with us and be encouraged by our messages and our prayers for them.

As the Community and Church Planting staff, we also want all of our small groups to come away from this with a renewed commitment to loving each other and loving our world on a consistent basis. One of the main objectives of my job at Summit is to see that connections happen between your small groups and specific ministries in RDU as well as connections to specific church planters. If your group has neither of these partnerships please let me know! As Spence has said, these elements are to be encoded into the DNA of each SummitLIFE group.

As a fellow SummitLIFE group leader, I know the great responsibility that falls on your shoulders. I hope that you will use me as a resource to get you information about community ministry and church planting. You can find me at mclark@summitchurch.cc. I hope to see you all at the Jerusalem Church Experience!

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