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On the prowl

I will be brief, because it is July 3rd and you got hot dogs & fireworks on the mind. Ive been encouraged by some small group leaders at our church and their grass roots efforts to build their small groups. So I want to share their strategies with you. First, here is how we do it large scale: The main way we connect people is through a venue we have that connects people to the church called “starting point.” Anyone wanting to get connected comes through there. The other way is through a process called “GroupLink.” we hold grouplink events every so often and we also have a portion of our church website dedicated to grouplink where people can find out info about groups. We even have a place on the worship guide insert to indicate on a sunday that they want to get into a group. The problem with both of those (starting point & grouplink) is that it requires some action by those wanting to get connected. They have to make the effort. Many people who would be willing to be in a group, simply dont make that effort. So we come to our grass roots strategies.

  1. MEET PEOPLE ON SUNDAY. Some groups have flooded our greeting teams, kidslife teams, & choir and are simply introducing themselves to people and asking if they are in a SummitLIFE group. If they arent, they invite them to theirs. Its awesome and its such an easy way to connect people. By the way, if you are in a SummitLIFE group, that needs to be the default question when you meet someone on Sunday morning. If the response is “no” immediately find a pen & write their contact info down and send it to me.
  2. HELP OUT WITH STARTING POINT. 60 new faces a month come through there at our church. We have group leaders who just come down there and help pull it off each week. In doing so, they cant help but invite people to their groups. Thats what we talk about down there. Starting Point is where the “Glenn Gary” leads are for you old-school film lovers. You cant just show-up though, you gotta make it through the Starting Point screening process. But if you are a leader without a place to serve yet, you should consider that.

Regardless of what you do, get on the prowl!

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