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It’s your turn, here’s $100…

Our small groups at the Summit Church are each coming up with ways we can be a blessing to our community this summer. Each group is being given $100 to prime the entrepreneurial pump in the minds of its group members. Now, normally I would launch into an incredibly witty and well written (and humble) post about how awesome and edifying this is going to be for our church. But I think you already know that. So instead I am going to use this post to direct you to 2 websites our teams have put together to help our groups succeed this summer:

  1. www.hopefordurham.info – This is our discussion board to post ideas on how our groups are going to serve their community as well as a place to share what God is doing through these experiences. It is a cool interactive site that will be our main hub to communicate and encourage one another through during the coming weeks.
  2. www.hopefordurham.com/smallgroups – This site is dedicated to explaining in detail our vision behind putting the real emphasis of blessing our city into the hands of our small groups. We are excited about what God can do through this and cant wait to see what is going to happen.

So, go spend the rest of the time you would spend here familiarizing yourself with those pages. And dont worry, I am brewing on some stuff that I am very excited about posting over the coming weeks.

  1. Steven Stinson
    July 9, 2008 at 7:39 pm

    I love that idea! I really want to hear the results. I also saw a “I heart Durham” Summit bumper sticker at Concord Mills last weekend

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