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A few of the things im learning about small groups

1. 1. Growth takes time – This is critical for me as a “I want results now” kinda person. Spiritual growth takes time. It takes time for individuals and for churches. As small group leaders, we must be willing to live in relationships with people for a significant amount of time. We cannot see them as a “project” but as family members we are investing our lives into. This also means that we as group leaders may never fully see the fruit of our efforts. That should never dissuade us from our great task of helping people grow deeper in love with Jesus.

2. 2. Growth comes through the pursuit – We tend to think we will arrive one day at this great land called “spiritual maturity.” Here is the problem with that: when we do things in hopes of arriving at a level of maturity, we become legalists. We become Pharisees. We grow spiritually through pursuing Christ. Spiritual maturity is simply consistently pursuing Christ & the application of the gospel to your life a little longer than the guy or girl beside you.

3. 3. Growth is messy – Ok this one is for both numerical and spiritual. First off, growing a small group ministry is messy. Once a group gets comfortable it tends to take on a character of its own which is good, but can result in loosing contact with the church at large. As a pastor, I have to be comfortable with a certain level of that happening. That’s called putting trust in my leaders. When leaders launch new groups, it is never perfectly neat and clean. Group members stepping out of old groups to lead new ones isn’t easy, it can be quite hard. But spiritual growth is messy too. People don’t usually just gradually grow up in their faith on some mythical scale from 0 to 10 over the course of their life. The truth is, they grow in spurts and in different spurts in different areas of their lives. You may have a couple who really becomes solid prayer warriors in your group, who you discover is in financial ruin because they have never sought to apply the gospel to their finances. Guess what, you as a group leader probably have areas of your life where you are not sure how to live out a gospel-centered mindset. I will be the first to tell you that I am about to enter parenthood and I have a TON to learn about what gospel-centered parenting looks like. Thankfully my small group has parents in it!

4. 4. We gotta buy in – Not sure how this became a “growth…” blog anyways. One thing im convinced of, by seeing it in our small groups, is that a leader must be fully bought in to the idea that small groups work if they are going to have a successful group. If we aren’t convinced we can see life change happen, our people will see right through our façade and we are wasting time. I implore you, if you are leading a small group and you are not convinced God is going to change the lives of your small group members through their time in your group, get on your knees immediately, repent, and ask God for faith. Im really not exaggerating or kidding. We are not just going through the motions in small groups. We are literally being the church. Please don’t treat the church, the bride of Christ, lightly.

5. 5. Small Groups are Awesome – I love small groups. Im convinced growth happens here better than in any other context. That gets me all excited and I hope you are excited with me.

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