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Truth is absolute & Small Groups Conference

Recently I read a couple of books that have been quite challenging to me. One is Total Truth by Nancy Pearcey. In this book she unpacks how deep darwinian thought (evolutionary theory) has permeated the church. She traces back the current “truth is relative” mindset back to this along with so many other systems of thought currently popular in our society. Most importantly the book gave a fairly good ground for what it looks like to be able to defend the claims of christianity with one’s brain. It made me think in a major way about how we spend our time in our small group gatherings. Do we encourage one another to adapt the gospel to EVERY area of our lives? Do we dig for the truths of scripture and then are we bold enough to actually apply those truths in our context or do we leave them as a nice idea? Ive been kinda shaken out of my complacency a little I think and it feels good. I want to, and I want you to, be able to accurately explain the Christian message at any time in any context (1 Peter 3:15).

The second book is called Truth in Love by Brian Follis. It is an overview of the work of a guy named Francis Schaeffer. If you are over say..35… you probably know the name. Schaeffer was one of the most brilliant christian minds in the 20th century. Here was his whole philosophy on life: love people as Christ would love them. Christ never loved people apart from truth. Always speak truth in love. It was Schaeffer who coined the phrase “love is the final apologetic.” Either of these reads would be well worth your time.

So small group leader, are you convinced of the Truth of Christianity? Are you fighting to know and apply that truth in your life? In the lives of your group members? When you speak about Christ, are your words laden with sincere love, or are you trying to win a debate, or are you trying not to say anything that may be offensive?

Also, I am headed to my first ever Small Groups Conference this week. Hope to bring you some good insights from it while I am there, and tons of ideas for you when I get back.

  1. Rick
    May 4, 2008 at 10:09 pm

    Good thoughts. The trouble is, we don’t want to think that much. So, we are just able to trade sound bites. I think reading a book like this might spur us to think a little more deeply than that. Thanks for the suggestions.

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