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Fellowship: Dont just talk, DO!

I had an awesome time at one of our small groups the other night. The group is basically brand new and they are working their way through our intro study, Why Small Groups? They were covering the chapter on Fellowship which forces a group into some pretty awkward discussions. Questions such as “Take a poll, how many in this group would rather be asked how they are doing spiritually than ask someone else about how they are doing spiritually” are very revealing. It was cool to see the group leader man up and not skip over that question. And it forced them to recognize something in that question that I think all groups need to recognize. We can talk about fellowship all the live long day. And so often our small groups can get caught up talking about great fellowship without ever actually doing fellowship. I am excited that this particular group has started out on the right foot really openly committing to do fellowship. So what I want to do for the rest of us is define fellowship and give a few practices to get started.

Fellowship defined
The study mentioned above I think accurately captures fellowship:

“What is fellowship as defined in the New Testament? Just this: participating together in the life and truth made possible by the Holy Spirit through our union with Christ. Fellowship is sharing something in common on the deepest possible level of human relationship— our experience of God himself.”

Basically, its more than just being around other Christians eating bar-b-que or playing ping pong (both of which I love dearly). It is more. It is something only Christians can experience. We should love it and eagerly seek it out. Here are some ways your group can do just that:

· Read the scriptures together: I hope your group studies the bible. That is where truth is found and where fellowship can spring forth from.

· Pray for one another: for a look at small group prayer see my previous post on it here. Prayer works. Bottom line. Do your group members pray for each other? Audibly? Regularly?

· Carry one another’s burdens: Wow. Have you ever done this? There is a separate post coming on this, but suffice it to say you need to be embedded in the lives of your fellow group members to do this. Somebody, hopefully the group leader, has to step up and offer up their burdens to the group for this to get started. Do it!

· Confess sins to one another: again, this is going to be a post all its own, but here is the key: James 5:16. Confession and prayer should be together. And for this to take place, transparency and confidentiality must be present in your group.

· Serve one another! Do you see your small group as a place where you can invest and serve others? Or as a place to go “get something out of.” What is your motivation for going? If the group is motivated towards serving one another (see Jesus for examples) then you likely will be on the fast road to fellowship.

These are a couple of ways to begin doing fellowship, there are others. I want to hear some ways your group has cultivated fellowship. Let me know through the comment feature below.

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