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Leader Resources

Short & Sweet…ish: Some quality resources for small group leaders (all of these are recommended secondarily to the Bible, God’s word. Read it.)

Making your small group meeting better than it is right now
· Leading Life-Changing Small Groups – Bill Donahue
* Reads like a cross between book & training manual. Great help for every area of your group life. Based on the widely successful Willow Creek small group model.

· 101 Best Small-Group Ideas – Discipleship Journal
* 1 idea per page on everything from ice-breakers to prayer to building relationships. If I had the cash, every SummitLIFE leader would have one.

· Creating Community – Andy Stanley
* From a church-wide angle, a look at what could and should characterize authentic biblical community. Influential in the Summit’s small group philosophy.

· Serendipity New Testament for Groups – Serendipity House Publishing
* New Testament with wide margins containing a basic small group study for every passage of the New Testament. Struggling what to do with a passage? This may help kick-start your preparation.

· Why Small Groups? – C.J. Mahaney & the Sovereign Grace Ministries team
* Excellent look at the small group discipleship model and what it takes to create a successful small group community. We use this right now for our new groups.

Equipping your people to read their bibles

· How to read the Bible for all its worth – Gordon Fee.
* Teaches a basic bible study method for your group to employ both in personal study and in group study.

· Living By the Book – Howard Hendricks
* Just as Fee’s book does, it teaches a clear, sound method for studying the scriptures. Its long but so worth it

· Scripture – Robert Saucy
* Treatment of what the scriptures are, everything from the idea of divine revelation, to the process of making the “canon” of scripture. Great read & resource.

Helping your people understand GOD [theo (God) – ology (knowledge of)]

· Knowing God – J.I. Packer
* Great read on how we relate to the creator of the universe. 253 pages, and one of those that regularly go back to for insight.

· The Knowledge of the Holy – A.W. Tozer
* Only about 100 pages, but incredibly packed with eye – opening insight. Warning: read slowly and with a pen.

Explaining what Christians believe to your group members

· Mere Christianity – C.S. Lewis
* One of the best books ever written. Great argument for Christ.

· Christian Beliefs – Wayne Grudem
* This is the extremely condensed version of his systematic theology work. Good resource to put in your group members hands.

· The Reason for God – Tim Keller
* Recommending this sight-unseen to you because my pastor says it’s awesome.

Helping them grasp what living as a Christian looks like

· Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life – Donald Whitney
* Best book I’ve seen on the different aspects of the Christian life (bible study, prayer, worship, giving, etc). So useful in fact that im just not going to recommend another book here. Ask me when you get done with that one.

Ok, those are a some that I’ve read which I’ve found helpful. Now its your turn. What resources would you recommend in any of these areas?

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