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Being a Missional Small Group

We just finished an awesome sermon series called “Organic” on Sunday mornings here at the Summit. One of the main themes of these messages was recognizing the mission we have from God to allow the gospel to permeate and bear fruit in every avenue of our lives. Like I said, the series has been awesome and we’ve heard many cool God stories related to it. You can download the series here. The last sermon in the series amplified one element of our mission we have as a church to Love the world. If small groups are the mobilizing force of our church and our church has a mission to love the world, the obvious question is: how do we love the world as a small group? AH here we find the bard’s “rub.” This is such a key, key element of our small groups ministry at the Summit. We want our groups to be missional in their DNA. So here are 4 easy ways you as a group leader can practically lead your group in loving the world:

This is crucial. If you are the only one in your group who wants the group to be missional, you will be fighting an uphill battle indefinitely. Your first task should be to challenge key members of your group to take the lead in your group’s missional efforts. Id say one for each of the 3 listed below. Your job then becomes being their biggest cheerleader and supporter. This keeps you from being the sole engine running your group, it helps establish communal ownership of the group, and allows you to devote your time to making the weekly group meeting the best one yet.

2. Devote group time to a community project
First obviously, get a project. For SummitLIFE group leaders, we have a list of organizations we partner with at our hope for durham website. Have your newly appointed delegate present possible options to the group. Then the ball is in your court as a leader to make Loving the World not an additional thing your group does, but a core element of your group. How? Schedule project serving times into the group calendar. That means you don’t “cancel” group meetings to go serve on a project. Your group is simply meeting on site. See, being missional is not something you do occasionally when you have extra time, its just what you do. It’s the natural outpouring of bible study and prayer. So treat it as such, not as a chore or responsibility. Make it a norm.

3. Support a church planter
Again, find a delegate for this job. Remember: Always promote group ownership. Supporting a church planter allows your group the chance to be a part of something bigger than itself. The sad truth is that as a group leader you must ALWAYS be aware you are fighting against naval-gazing syndrome. Praying for, providing for, and visiting a church planter as a group goes a long way in fighting that syndrome. If you don’t understand that syndrome, ask a friend who is good at explaining metaphors. Then, if you are a SummitLIFE leader, ask me who you can support.

4. Pray for and encourage a missional mindset in the workplace.
Do your group members really believe they can follow Christ in how they go about their workday? Seriously. Im not talking about saying “bless you” every time somebody sneezes, im talking about honoring Christ by working hard and being the best at what one does. Speak the gospel through your work! Then, pray for those in your workplaces. Seriously, how often are you praying for those in your workplace to come to follow Christ? Again, for a great word on being missional in the workplace, listen to Pastor J.D.’s sermon from this past Sunday.

Ok, those are 4 (really 3) easy, practical steps toward becoming a missional SummitLIFE Group. I bet you can think of more. When you do, let me know through the comment feature below.

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