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Why Small Groups

**See The Small Groups Guy post for an introduction to this blog**
Some of our small groups at the Summit (called SummitLIFE Groups) are going through a great study right now called Why Small Groups. The study was created by C.J. Mahaney and the small group gurus at Sovereign Grace Ministries. These guys are way ahead of the curve on small group ministry and I often consult their resources. They are linked over on the right. If you are looking for a good small groups conference, their annual fall conference is the one.

This particular study is an excellent first study for a new group as it packs biblical warrant for gospel-centered community into each session. It is one of those that if you are in a small group that hasn’t been through this yet, you should. The reason a study like this is so valuable early on in the life of a small group is because we all want to experience biblical community, but the truth is we don’t know how. This kind of study serves as a bridge to get from surface level friendships to biblical community.

So…Why Small Groups?
We believe at our church, and we say it often, that discipleship happens in relationships. Small groups are the best environment we have found so far for those relationships to form. The model comes from the early church account in the book of Acts. Acts 2 talks about the believers gathering and eating together in their homes, sharing life together. That’s what we want to see our small groups doing: building community, sharing life. (Here is a great message on this.) Oh, and the best part we think about modeling our small groups after the early church is that it pushes us to be missional. The church in Acts was all about spreading gospel-centered love to everyone they came in contact with. They didn’t exist just for one another, but to encourage one another in their ministry to the world.

How does your small group experience measure up against the Acts account? What stands out most to you about the early church? Feel free to reply using the comment feature below.

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    The Small Groups Guy is awesome.

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